Fundraising Progam

I have a fund raising program for all  charities that will cost nothing and help to raise money for any worthy cause.    

Here is how it works. Contact me at for registration details and a special code for your charity  and I will work with you to make this a success. Please make sure I have all details of your charity and a phone number to contact you.

By sending your people to my website you will get 20% of anything they purchase. I will set it up so there is a box for them to direct their purchase to give a commission to your charity as the credit for the sale. I will help you promote your event and you will receive the money as soon as the bank clears the sale.                              

 Here is an example of the Simple instructions:

Place your order and go to check out, then when you have put in all of your billing information in you will see the words below:

 Please contact me for details.

How did you hear about us? 

 Name your Charity


For a business promotion:

If you are a business and are ordering from us when you go to check out put in the name of your business and the  special code we gave you.